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LBDR Friend
LBDR Friend

PostSubject: SUFFOLK DOG DAY   Thu Mar 04, 2010 4:53 am

Hi Everyone!

Some of you may remember last year a group of us had a stand at the Suffolk Dog Day, a Meet and Greet the Bullmastiffs to raise money for charity.

We are hoping to do the same this year to raise money and awareness for The Large Breed Dog Rescue.

Last year lots of people expressed an interest but as the date grew closer many were unable to come.

I am hoping by starting the organising nice and early this year that we can get lots of people to help both on the lead up and on the day.

It really is a GREAT day out for people AND pooches and the rescue we are supporting is really worth the effort.

The Suffolk Dog Day is on August 1st this year

Now, my aim for this year is to try to raise £1000 - last year we raised some and if I remember rightly it was a reasonble amount considering it was a little 'last minute'......

One of the things I would like to do is run a raffle with high value prizes, selling tickets on the day with the draw taking place at the end of the day(winners can be notified by post) I am going to be contacting lots of local business' to see if I can get them to donate some high value prizes for a raffle. I am also going to ask my OH to contact his business associates to ask the same.
If anyone here is happy to contact business' too please let me know

I would also like to run another Tombola so again, if anyone can donate ANY prizes please let me or Soraya know and we can tell you where to send them (if you're not able to come on the day).....

We are going to need information leaflets about the rescue and its work. We will also need leaflets which give general Large breed info and contains a list of business' and people who have helped......

I think we will need a larger gazebo this year, last year Denise and her father very kindly brought along their gazebo which was perfect but as we're hoping to have a bigger presence this year I think we will need a bigger one OR two the size of the one Denise lent us.....

I think it would be a VERY good idea to have A3 size 'before and after' pictures (ideally laminated) of some of the dogs the rescue has helped with a short piece of text about that dog....

I would also like to look into all the helpers wearing T-shirts the same colour with a logo/rescue name or something so its clear which people are 'helpers' on the day as there are sooooo many members of the public and most have a dog with them so it can become confusing if people want to ask questions. I think probably just some plain T-shirts from Primark will do and we can get some of the paper you print onto and then iron it onto the T-shirt, it can look very professional....

If anyone can help with ANY of the above OR has any ideas, thoughts etc PLEASE give me a shout - any and all help really appreciated
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LBDR Friend
LBDR Friend

PostSubject: Re: SUFFOLK DOG DAY   Thu Mar 04, 2010 5:57 am

Another thought!

I am collecting mobile phones that people don't want any more and sending them off to Envirofone, ALL the money received will be going to LBDR so if anyone has any old phones hanging around and would like to help maybe you could do the same? Or send them to me and I'll send them off - every penny counts....... Wink
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Forum Admin
Forum Admin

PostSubject: Re: SUFFOLK DOG DAY   Thu Mar 04, 2010 9:50 am

That is great

We can start on the before and after photos from now

I will think of what company's can be written too

and will start collecting things for tombola now

It sure is good having you onboard clap
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PostSubject: Re: SUFFOLK DOG DAY   

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